Hi There!

Thank you for taking a look at the Find Your Fight website. This blog documents my self-improvement journey. I will also be offering advice based on my personal experiences so that others might achieve the same.

So who am I and what business do I have giving advice?

Well, my name is Fran and on starting this website I am 26 years old. I have a degree in medicine in surgery and work as a medical doctor in my local hospital.

That, however, is not the reason that I am giving advice on health and welfare. The reason I feel so compelled to share my advice on mental well-being is because of a period of illness I experienced around 18 months ago. Thankfully I am now fully recovered and raring to get on and do big things with my life.

Things that I have achieved so far:

  • Overcoming anxiety, panic attacks, depression and horrible insomnia
  • Completing my medical degree and continuing training as a doctor
  • Saving for a deposit and buying my first property (8 months ago at the time of writing this)
  • Earlier this year I ran a half marathon

So what am I still aiming to achieve:

  • Develop a programme to help others overcome mental health issues without the use of medication – this will be through using mindfulness and motivational techniques, as I used when overcoming my own illness. Initially I will be focusing on treating those with sleeping problems and them moving on to tackling issues such as anxiety, depression and weight management.
  • Clear my mortgage as quickly as possible – I will be aiming to live as frugally as possible so that I can make regular over-payments on my mortgage. The goal will to be to clear my mortgage within 15 years.
  • Run a marathon – I have run several half marathons already and have found them both mentally and physically very challenging. I really want to push myself to break through that mental barrier and keep going to achieve the full 26 miles.
  • Lose some weight – I am not overweight but I would like to feel healthier and stronger. This is turn will also help with my running goals.
  • Create a regular mindfulness practice – I am well aware of all the benefits of mindfulness. I used these techniques on a daily basis when I was unwell. Now that I have overcome these issues, it is a challenge to make myself carry this practice on. Mindfulness is a great way of preventing yourself from becoming stressed and anxious. It also helps my sleep a lot. This is something I need to make a priority in my day.
  • Make my dream life a reality – I have this image which I do not think is unrealistic but it will take some work. As I am writing now I am a single woman in her twenties. I lives alone in a flat in a residential area. The flat does not allow for any pets and there is no outside space. My aim is to find a partner who has the same values as I do and build a life in the country with them. I see myself raising several children, living with pets of multiple varieties and growing our own fruit and vegetables. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

So this blog will document my journey in achieving all of these things. I will be writing about where I find my motivation, how I am doing with regards to saving money, tips for good mental health and any other things I can think of along the way…

Thanks for reading,

Fran 🙂